Organize an unforgettable moment in a private setting: rent for a party in the French Alpilles – wedding, seminar, birthday, private or corporate event – an exceptionnal moment or a party with friends. The Mas de Cinq Sous is also ideal for photo and movie shooting.

A dream place to rent
for a party in the Alpilles

Because each big event is unique, the place where it takes place has to be unique.

By the house, next to the swimming pool or in the splendid park, the Mas de Cinq Sous is perfect to organize special moments. Its location in the heart of the Alpilles makes it the ideal spot to rent for an outdoor ceremonie, dinner or party.

In cooperation with our local partners, we will be happy to organize the moment of your dreams. Because we have the skills to do so and because we love doing this, we will listen to your needs and help you organize a tailor-made event.

The Mas de Cinq Sous is also ideal for photo and movie shooting.

A place to rent for an amazing wedding

What about renting the Mas de Cinq Sous for your wedding party in the Alpilles? Picture yourself in the middle of the olive trees, you are walking over a bucolic path, your friends and family sitting on flowered chairs watch you make your entry filled with emotion. The musicians follow you to up to this huge arch, under which your groomsmen and bridesmaids are waiting for you. The emotion of this moment is sublimed by the surrounding nature. After having said “I do”, you all meet by the pool for drinks to this happy event. A glass of champagne in your hand, you watch the sun set behind the pinewood.

The lights come on and the party continues under the big tent installed in the field. The tables are set, decorated with chandeliers and large flower bouquets. You enjoy an exceptional dinner in a magical setting. The party ends on the dance floor under a sky full of stars. Still dizzy from this extraordinary day, you look at the Mas the Mas hand in hand. The room where you will spend your honeymoon is ready.

The mas

Every single window is a frame revealing the beauty of the site. Each room and overture have been designed so that nature is always in your field of vision.

Each bedroom offers a different view. The large bay windows let in the famous Southern enchanting light which keeps captivating the painters. Open one of them and the music of wild grass dancing and singing with the wind, as well as the warm and inebriating odors of the pine forest, wild thymes and rosemary will fill the room and rock you like the back-and-forth motion of a wave on the sand.


The mas

The rooms